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Stay Motivated Pack

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Stay Motivated

Keep on top of that chemo brain in style!

Are you a note taker or list maker? Lists for appointments, people to call, shows to watch, amazing products you've found...write it all down in the one place and reference back as you go!

Does your brain run at a million miles an hour in no cohesive order? Best to write it all down so you can put your mind at ease

Trying to stay on top of the meal prep? When the days blend together it's hard to remember when the chicken was cooked...keep on top of food wastage by tracking it!

Kicking cancer's butt to the curb and rocking that sportswear? Track your fitness and improvement as you combat fatigue and get that blood pumping! 

We have put together a beautiful and affordable pack from our Melbourne friends The Planned Duo - order yours today and tell that chemo brain where to go, you got this!


1 x Monthly Planner
1 x Fitness Planner
1 x Daily Planner
1 x My List
1 x Pen
1 x Pencil
2 x KOJA Bars

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